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Three things I want to see happen on Scandal next week

Now that Scandal comes back next week (thank baby Jesus), I just wanted to put a wish list out into the universe of things that I hope will happen. Since it looks like  Olivia & Fitz will NOT be in the same room to have sex (boo hiss), i’ve compiled a list of other things. 

1. Olivia Pope goes to a gala.

In my opinion, Olivia Pope can not go to enough galas. I would literally watch 43 minutes of Olivia Pope being sassy at a gala. If there isn’t enough time for this, maybe even make it a spinoff. There could be a whole getting ready montage where Cyrus comes over and they drink wine and eat popcorn and he helps her press her hair and I would love it and watch it forever. 

2. President Fitzgerald Grant III walks around doing important shit.

I’m pretty sure you all noticed already, but Tony Goldwyn has the sexiest, swaggeriest (I made that word up) walk ever. Again, this is something I’d watch 43 minutes of. They don’t even need a montage or a lot of story, just a lead in like “President Fitz, you’re needed in the Sit Room”, and then 43 minutes of swagger would ensue, followed by me looking like this:

3. An Olitz “You have feels? I have MORE FEELS” conversation.

These two crazy kids are in love, and for all their love, neither of them really seem to believe the other can love the one as much as they love the other (and i just went crosseyed typing that). Anytime there’s a “YOU WAIT FOR ME? WELL I WAIT FOR YOU TIMES INFINITY”-type scene, I am not only here for it, I have been camping outside with my Coleman Lantern a week before to make sure I have a good seat. 

I was going to do a “Five things i wanted to see happen on Scandal next week” post, but honestly, my fingers hurt and I’m hungry, so really, I just went with the most important stuff.

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